680 verbal 490 quant

Note: For H.'s benefit: one of my passages today mentioned Paula Gunn Allen. No lie!

Also, as a note to myself, I have to pay 15 bucks to send the scores to a certain northeastern former research powerhouse.

last time I got:

580 verbal 460 quant 6.0 writing

(I think).

Scores range from 200 to 400; except for the writing which is on a scale of something to 6.0 (6.0 writing scores account for 5% of the sample.) The percentiles are skewed against folk like me on the quant, because (likely) more engineering students take the GRE than english majors. So the quant section is comparatively harder, and equivalent scale scores (so I think 500 verbal is a 50th Percentile, and 500 quant is a 30th percentile.) FYI.

This isn't astoundingly wonderful, but it might not be incredibly bad either. It might be good enough, which in these things is all that matters. It's probably not worth worrying about overly much.

I don't think it's worth it to take it again, given that I couldn't take it again soon enough to really matter this time around, and I don't think that getting a higher quant score would help anything in a theoretical 3rd cycle (which probably wouldn't be next year, but rather 2-3 years hence.)

Sigh. I'm officially going to take the rest of the day off, there will be knitting, spinning, reading, perhaps writing, and some definite television watching.