I really need to be better and titling these posts.

I spent this morning catching up on my correspondece, mostly which needed to be done, and it was good to write with some readers. I hear some people (and others, to be fair) complain about being overwhelmed by reader email, and my only response is to feel deeply jealous. Not my best emotive moment, but it's there.

Only a few more days till I get word about graduate school from the leading option at the moment. I'm almost a-fluter with nervous energy, but it's not entirely unenjoyable. Want. So. Much.

I've been focusing on knitting and writing about knitting, because that seems to be reflexive at this point, and I think I don't think I'm in the right psychic space to write fiction that I'd be happy with at this point, so I think it's legitimate to work on projects that I'm more likely to be happy with. Reasonable? Nu?

Regarding my knitting, I have 3-4 inches done on take two of this sleeve, and I've done the first 15 of 73 decreases. There are more than 73 sets of decreases, but I haven't read that far in the pattern (big armhole, small gauge). I think being done with this soon is going to be good for the way I feel about my knitting.

Regarding my backlog of projects: I have the sleeves/hem/neck of the sweater I'm currently working on, plus the sleeves neck, and saddle of the perpetual gray sweater (which I don't think really counts) and a pair of socks on the needles. I have a bit of a stash worked up (two sweaters, four pairs of socks), with some intense leftovers (I could spend 60 bucks on yarn and have enough for four sweaters, or something absurd, not to mention countless hats).

I'm in pretty good shape.

Anyway, I'm off to be a hipster in a coffee shop.

ta! Onward and Upward!