I'm of two minds about email which should be a surprise to absolutely none of you.

On the one hand, I love it. It's great to be able to shot off quick notes and information to people without having to bother around with post offices, telephones, IM or some-such. It's also great that in most cases email gives you leeway on response time so that you can decide how to prioritize your actions. Good plan, right? Right. I mean that leeway is often the rope we use to hang ourselves, but ignoring that for a moment, it's good conceptually.

On the other hand, bleh. Right? I mean I have a couple of emails to write out today, that's like my main task for today, and by god I don't want to. There's really nothing more stressful and really, frankly, emotionally draining than writing emails to prospective advisors for graduate school. Gah!

In other non-related news, it looks like the big gay college student conference (that's unfortunately not the real colloquial term for that gathering,) is going to be in FlatCollegeTown at the end of February.

/me ponders trip

Have I mentioned recently that I really hate writing emails to prospective advisors?