This week promises to be an enjoyable little span for all of us: Station Keeping debuts tomorrow--mostly--with a project trailer. I've been debating throughout this project whether or not to spend some time up front setting the scene, or to jump right into the story. I seem to have decided to go with the later. I think that setup can be a problem when when you're telling a single story, or when the setup gets in the way of telling a story. In this case, my intent is to provide a fun, escapist, and grounded story to entertain (and hopefully say something interesting about the world,) for all of our entertainment on a weekly basis. This is in part following the TealArt mantra of "have fun," and part of an experimentation with the form.

Now that I've sufficiently lowered your standards, lets move on to the rest of the week. Wednesday will be a wild card, as it so often is, and Thursday holds some interesting tech content from Chris, but I'll let him tell you more about that. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

Finally, on Friday there'll be another Deleuzian essay. Or rather, an essay about Deleuze (and Guatteri) and Anti-Oedipus. I have to say that these are extremely fun piece to write, and from a personal perspective, having the opportunity to write science fiction and reflections on Delueze--arguably, not dissimilar from science fiction--for TealArt is really a great pleasure.

Every now and then, I lament the fact that we really don't have a strongly entrenched readership, the way that many blogs that are 5-6 years old are. Having said that, really, I don't care about entrenchment, just readers and commenters. Now in fairness there are a lot of things that we didn't do right: we haven't posted regularly, our entries have been unfocused, we're both shitty proofreaders of our own work, and so forth. Still, I think, really, come on now. But then I realize that I write about knitting--without pictures, or Giles Deleuze, and suddenly it makes sense.

In any case, you're reading this, and I thank you for that. I hope you enjoy this week, in addition to keeping track of things for TealArt, I'm doing some more serious job hunting (ug!) and prepping for an upcoming family reunion (yay!). And writing as usual.

cheers, tycho