Editor's Note In the course of my morning a few things have come across my desk. I thought, given the nature of these communications that it would be best to convey them to you directly.

Dear Climate Change Theorists,

It's come to my attention that it's almost warm enough for short sleeves in January. While I appreciate a slight January thaw, it's my thought that the 35-40 degrees would be sufficient. If there's extra heat, consider another thaw in early March, but please 50s and higher is just uncalled for.

I'd like my winter back.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Lace Knitting G-ds,

I have successfully finished my latest lace piece onto a circular needle despite a brief interlude on 8" lace "pin" double points, thanks to your support and attention.

I also was able knit about 10 rows, or 1,600 stitches last night, in one session, which is great improvement from my earlier accomplishments of under 500 stitches per session. Your graces have been most helpful in this matter.

With Reverence to your Holiness,

  1. garen

Dear Magi of Real Knitting,

Please do not fear, despite my recent experiences with lace knitting--which are as you know, is only for the purposes of a group knitting project--I am still dedicated to my current real knitting projects.

I made progress last night on the Morocco, sweater sleeve that I'm working on. I'd figure I'm about halfway done by length of the sleeve, which means about 2/3s or so of the way done with the knitting. This is because, dearest Magi, you have deemed it appropriate for sleeves to get narrower near the cuff, and for this I remain your humblest servant.

I look forward, with your kind permission, to continue and focus on knitting more sweaters in the new year.


tycho garen

Dear Knitting Class,

Please attract at least two more students. I want this thing to be really full because it's going to be a blast. Also, we've arranged to have both of us there every week, so we might as well. right?



Dear Breakout,

Can we have a meeting to discuss your current status and draft up a plan for your swift ascendency to novel status?



Dear Novella,

Could you get a job so we could afford a freelance editor?

While you're at it, if you can discover a market that might want to buy you?


Begrudgingly yours,



To: Desk From: tycho garen Subject: Hygiene

Hop to and clean yourself already.

Dear My Next Tea Kettle,

Why haven't we bought you yet?

I look forward to meeting you, tycho