I had kind of intended to take a hiatus for this week. I just moved off and all, and they have us on this wacky summer camp schedule thing. We have all day seminars in how to be college students (well mine is about social science and Mars colonization, but the veil is pretty thin,) and then there are activities, most of which are pathetic.

I have one comment to make, borne out requisite ambivalence, and grouchyness: If it's really easy to be a rebel, and all the authorities are saying, its fine to rebel if you want to, go for it, it's no longer really rebellion. The purpose has been completely defeated.

I'm sure there will be more later.

As Chris reported, we talked for a while yesterday, and I think it was generally awesome. I completely agree with him, (gosh, that's a first!) about the difference between spoken and typed communication. I would also say that, the people we are online, is a lot like the people we really are, and sometimes when we meet virtual buddies in real life, it takes a while for a physical (or vocal) report to develop, and the "jump" as it were is more the result of a non-normal first impression rather than some fundamental difference in personality expression.

At the beginning, the voice I heard was not the one I was expecting, but once I got used to, it was perfect and right. It was defiantly weird at first after all it was a "first meeting." Once I realized on a more basic level that there are few people in the world that I've known (and been in such contact with) for five plus years, it was totally cool. It just took a few moments for my body to realize who I was talking to, I guess.

Chris recognized that the conversation was more flowing than it is in AIM, but I think that's a symptom of the fact that in half an hour of phone conversation, we covered what might take several hours in AIM world. Very interesting.

That's just my response. I'm going to go back to being on fake hiatus until next week. I'm trying to line up some awesome guest bloggers, but so far little luck. Stay tuned in any case.