As I come out of my haze and return to "real life" and all the various things I have (and want) to do I'm realizing how little time I actually have to do it (this week) Ah well. Day by day. Thankfully I've finally returned to the life of the living. For more readings about my doings and what I'm up to check out my last post on TealArt, which should cover some stuff.

Because in a lot of ways this site is my place to list things: I have a few things to make a list of.

1. I need to order the yarn for my next sweater and call KnitPicks to replace a needle. 2. I need to write a little thing up about/for Knitting camp, because I promised that I would, and I want to. 3. I want to write this essay for Brenda's podcast, and I need to get cracking on it, because I doubt that I'll be able to read it myself. 4. Station Keeping needs some attention. 5. knitting savants also needs some proper attention. 6. It's time to do a little bit of honest to goodness hunkering down 7. I need some farscape time. I've had the second season of Voyager on my computer for a long time, and while it's enjoyable, I actually want to see some of the later seasons, and would like to use my limited knitting/TV time for something good/better.

Also I have a message for the g-ds of libraries: please make the shelves at work, well, work. I will do penance for my people's decision to use new fangled bookshelves which can brake, if you'll just make them work reliably.

have a good day, and bear with me as things slowly return to normal around here