I don't really have much to say tonight, though I've had crap running through my head all day. We spent much of the day in the car driving back from points westward. It was a good visit, of course, but as always it's good to be back home again. I have things to do tomorrow, which include chores, errands, and of course re-establishing the routine. Which will involve work on this site. Of course. In the interim. Here are some thoughts:

1. I'm knitting a boyfriend sock. This isn't a pattern, so much as an intent. I'm obsessing about this rather than other projects that I feel more loyal to right now. This also provoked some thought about boyfriends in general, which I might write up at some point. Also, I've realized that even though I'm, well, pretty damn reflexive on tychoish.com, I'm also pretty walled off, about non-abstract queer stuff. I'll have to write about that as well. I recognize that this puts a lot of baggage into one woolen object, but then, I've realized that I'm a strong believer in the idea that baggage should be consolidated.

2. I bought yarn and fiber and things. I never procure new things in this way. Including several (!) thousand yards of lace-weight. Oh dear.

3. I'm reading/starting a story at the moment called "Who's afraid of Wolf 359?" by Ken MacLeod. I'm so incredibly in love with this title. This will be short story number 4. Of the previous three, I really liked 2 and really wasn't feeling the third. That's pretty good numbers, but it doesn't make me much of a short story person.

4. My new "turkish tile" sweater is about 14 inches long. 1.5 repeats away from the underarm decision point. Which means, I'm really in pretty good shape on this one.

5. The sleeve isolation has been stymied by a broken needle, though a replacement will be procured tomorrow. I'm building up something of a queue.

6. I now have two sweaters in progress and yarn for a third. Other than these, I have plans for a few more. That's good news.

7. I think I'm pretty close to beginning to sketch out the revisions to the final draft of the Mars novella. If you still have a copy that you haven't read or given me feedback on, at least touch base with me. And once I have some steam in the fiction department moving back to the novel will be a blast.

8. If I owe you an email, and you haven't gotten it by the end of work on Friday. Be concerned and email me again.

  1. Sleep now! Bye!

Onward and Upward!