When we first toured this house we loved almost everything about it. The woodwork, windows, and the layout are very arts and crafts-y and so that's cool. It was, however, carpeted with the most ugly carpets. There was a lot of burnt orange shag, and it was bad. Thankfully we knew that there was hardwood underneath because there were a couple of hallways and what not that had hardwood. But since we had a dog, we figured best to leave it in for a while, figuring that sooner rather than later we'd manage to rip it up

I should point out that we've lived in this house for eight years now.

A few years back we Tom Sawyered some friends into helping us rip up the orange, but we elected to leave it in a couple of rooms, mostly because ripping up carpet that was installed in the 70s is a lot of work, and it's gross.

Today, we ripped up the carpet in the office, got rid of one of the old desks, and it's very nice. But, you sit on your ass for long enough ripping out tack board and the staples they use to hold the carpet padding down, and you're bound to feel kind of cranky.

Needless to say, I didn't get much writing done, nor knitting, though I did get a bit done, but everything looks pretty much the same as it did a few days ago, so no pictures. I'll try and get pictures of the office once we unpack a few boxes, because what the hell..

Oh yeah, and we had another morris dance gig this morning at one of the county libraries. I think the team has four more gigs, and I think I only have to dance once or twice more. This is a good thing. It's also a good thing that I'm almost done with these gigs as well, because if there was any particular "performance energy" in this show, it's long gone. And I find myself more irritated than pleased. Mostly with gravity. sigh

More later...