I wrote a lot yesterday. I write a lot most days to be honest. Though I'm not often successful at this, my usual plan of attack is to spend a chunk of time in the morning writing on fiction projects, (after some sort of warm up like a blog post or a few email) before I graduate onto other projects. Often this doesn't work: I have other commitments in the morning, I get sucked into emacs or website hacking, "the best laid plans of mice and men," as it were.

Yesterday, something similar happened: I got up and had something to do that took up morning, and I tried to do a little bit of writing, but I fell into another project, where I wrote a lot of content, but none of it was fiction. And then, at about 8pm, I said "crap, I need to write fiction."

So I did. And I yanked out about 500 words (which is about my current daily fiction writing goal,) and then I was done. And I felt good. One of the reasons I'm so intent upon writing fiction despite my utter lack of training, and dubious skill is that in aggregate writing fiction makes me very happy. This example demonstrates--as if we needed more examples--that while it's important to get in the habit of writing, ritualizing the habit is probably counter productive.

When I finished doing school the last time, I thought, "yes! no more homework," except that this writing experience (from a procedural point of view) was a lot like homework ("ugg time I should do this"). Surprisingly this isn't such a bad thing: writing makes me happy, and truth be told I'm pretty good at doing homework.

Anyway. Enjoy your day, and write something if you're inclined thusly.