I didn't get to the part of the sweater where you can "unite" the sleeves and the body last night--for this I blame dancing--but I'm incredibly close. Tonight maybe. I've been planning out how to do the neck/shoulders, and I think I'm going to have to pull something clever. Damn.

I have to work today, so while I had grand plans to blog on a number of varied subjects, that might not happen, though it depends on when I start. I'm working on another tea review, and I've been writing up the hand outs to a knitting class that I'm going to be teaching starting this weekend. Eek.

Mostly though, I'm just anxious like, which gets in the way of getting things done. On the upside, I have one week left on the wait-list, give or take a day or two. This is exciting, and it'll be good to be able to put this behind me.

I'm pretty good at alternately being excited about the possibility of getting in, and all of the possibilities that being able to take some more time off would afford (changing field, the opportunity to travel and teach knitting classes) writing, making a more than honest living doing computer stuff, and so forth.

I'm really not good at being able to hold all of those conflicting excitements in at the same time, which is I suppose, not that surprising, and why anxiety is considered something to be conquered and not enjoyed.

Soon though.

Ok, I'm off for now, if I have time, I'll be back. Otherwise, don't do anything I wouldn't.

Onward and Upward!