Stroll, Bitch, Ph.D.'s guest blogger made the following observation:

One day cock of the walk; next, a feather duster.

In other news, both James "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business" Brown and Gerald "The Only Unelected President" Ford, have passed away in recent days. As we all know, famous deaths come in threes. So, with sincere sympathies to the families and friends of the deceased and hopes that they find comfort, I'm telling you: keep your eyes peeled for Number Three.

(Via Bitch. Ph.D..)

Whose your bet? I heard, I think via tinman about an office game that involved some sort of betting pool bassed on creating a list of famous people who were likely to die. I think you got points bassed on who lived. I recognize that this isn't incredibly useful. Anyway, to bring this all back together--loosely--does anyone have any ideas for who the third is?

I think Claude Levi-Struss is too easy of a bet, and Jimmy Carter is probably not creative enough. I dunno. Thoughts?

In another morbid moment. Over dinner tonight one of our friends, remarked after having seen "The Queen," about how sad the time following Princess Dianna's death was.

To which my only memory was that my grandfather, for the next month or so, when ever you asked him "what's happening," would say "she's still dead."

I'm sorry you all for being such a sucky blogger. Happy New Years. I figure that I'm reflexive enough 364 days of the year, that I can spare you on New Years. Maybe the next catch phrase for this blog will be "Reflexive on Demand." Actually now that I'm thinking about it, the current title "Awkward, But Endearingly Colloquial" is an actual comment that a professor wrote on one of my papers. I thought it was rather clever. So there.

Anyway, I'll be back with more content soon enough, just you wait.