For a weekend that was, for the most part, pretty quiet, on Sunday evening it doesn't seem like it was that relaxed. And, what's more distressing, is that I didn't get a chance to write a blog post at all this weekend. Eek.

I have a post about tech stuff coming up (I have an old computer that I'm rescuing and I have some thinking/wondering/planning to do before I can get that going.) But I won't bore you with the details and the wandering. In the mean time I thought I'd run down through some things:

I'm still on the waitlist. That means...

Days on the Waitlist: 5

...and it's a very scary place. In truth it could be as many as 30 more days. TheBoy made his decision on the night of April 15th last year, so it really might be that long before I hear anything more.

And that sucks. I could be a graduate student next year, that's a pretty strong reality. I could also not, which is much more difficult to cope with, and will require a much stronger reevaluation of my life goals and plans. It's so scary in part because it means that I either won't have a job/career in academe or that my path to getting a job will require a significant repositioning. Fucking scary, guys. Fucking scary.

In terms of the knitting, I'm in the middle of a hellish hem facing for the current sweater. All other knitting is done, and I think I was able to predict my progress pretty well. (Or more optimistically, I was able to achieve my knitting goals.) I'm really looking forward to being done with this sweater, and being able to focus on new projects with my undivided knitting attention.

Further "notes of random": We had a morris dance gig (referenced in the title of this post) and the drawstring of my pants broke before the gig. Thankfully, I was, as always, wearing a pair of gym shorts underneath these pants and was able to pin the pants to the shorts and all was well. Thought I like these pants (their linen!) and I want to put a new drawstring in them. Also after the gig we stopped at a international food market, and I was able to replenish the tea supply with a half dozen varieties of good dark British teas. So at least my caffeine habit is satiated.

Anyway, I think I better let things go at that. My "T" key is threatening to come off, and this irritates me, and I should probably get on to do other things for a while. I'll be in touch. You be too.

Onward and Upward!