Initially, it seems that the term "hypertext" served as general classification for any kind of dynamic text with "hyperlinks" (which of course we just call links these days). In 2007 (as opposed to 1987), hypertext is ubiquitous, and we're constantly interacting with hypertexts, to the point that it's just "the web" or "text," and "links" are assumed to be intuitive at this point. As a result, the main time I hear someone say hypertext these days, they're artists exploring the creative possibilities of the medium separate from normal (relaxed?) text. That wasn't my intention, and thus the reason I said "hyperdigitaltext," the expressive possibilities aside, I'm interested in the day-to-day practices of consuming and producing digital-text, and in a lot of ways, this series is a trip back to the first usages of hypertext in an attempt to think about might happens next.

Not being, you know, psychic, I'm not sure how successful this project has been. But in any case, it I have enjoyed the space to think about these issues, and I hope that you have too. This is just a roundup post, a sort of directory of the hypertext posts on Tealart for your referencing pleasures.

I'll be back next week with the introduction to the next Friday series!

Best, tycho