I have a knitting post, and a few other ones that I'm thinking about writing, and they'll probably appear later in the week, but for now I hope this little ditty keeps you happy. Cheers!

I was minding my own business and checking my mail today, when I saw a poster. It was an advertisement for the Beloit Christian Fellowship. Gag me with a spoon, but they're doing a pretty good job of advertising and there is chalk and posters all over. Whatever, it's cool.

Anyway, the poster in question had a picture of a pile of hay and a sheep, with the words "hey + ewe" written under the pictures. Very clever I guess, if you're into that kind of thing.

My first thought was, "but Jesus was a carpenter." And then I remembered the good Shepard metaphor, which clashes with the carpenter idea, but no one asked me.

They never do.