So as I said, I'm working pretty consistently on Morocco for the moment, but I have a picture to share with you.

This is the "Turkish Tile" Sweater that I've been telling you about.

In a quirky turn of fate, this picture looks pretty much exactly like the current version of the sweater, which I haven't been giving a lot of attention to:

The plan is to have it be another long/medium length jacket. Hence the steek stitches.

I plan for the hem/button band/collar to use black and the darker color, and resemble, slightly the diagonal line.

The armholes will be inset to sleeve length though I don't quite know what my plan is there. I'm thinking of using the shaping from Joyce (Williams)'s "Olive Branch" pullover from the new Armenain Knitting book from Schoolhouse Press. But I might do it some other way that would be easier to manage given the color patterns. It's just that that sweater looks so good on me. I'll dig up pictures soon, I promise.