I had a lengthy conversation with a prospective graduate school advisor.

It went well.

Because I've been chewing over the same handful of ideas in the last few weeks about the parts of queer identity, I've become really comfortable with what's been said in the field, and what my opinion is on all the key debates are. So this attitude which could be neatly summarized as "yep, done," is perhaps not the most effective as I'm thinking about moving forward with academic work.

The thing is that it's not a real feeling of "yep done," it's just that I'm feeling a bit stale, I'm feeling a bit abstract (again).

This is the problem of being a research oriented guy and not having anything even tangentially associated with data to work with or consider.

But I think the conversation helped both prepare me for this second phase of the application process, and helped me to sort of collect my thoughts. Good things. I'll need luck, and thoughts, but I feel like I have purpose again!

Onward and Upward!