Ha! So I was pretty much on the ball about apple's releases yesterday. I think in general, it's a good move, but it doesn't affect very much for me.

My one complaint is that, you can get the base level MacPro for less than the MacBookAir with the solid state drive. As Dave says, "that just seems wrong." Part of the joy of the 12" ibooks and powerbooks is that they were cheaper than their 14" and 15" counterparts, and only a little bit under powered. It's clear that while the other apple laptops could (and often do) function as people's only/primary computer, these new ones, are meant as second or third computers for people who have an imac or a mac pro already.

I'm not going to get a new computer for a few months, The consensus is that there'll be new macbook pros sometime soon (WWDC?), and I think I want to wait and see what happens with that before I take the plunge. Particularly because my current computer, for good or ill still works.

Speaking of Zoe, I didn't get her a new battery, which I should do at some point, I'm mostly lazy. My battery time is down to about 40 minutes, which isn't too bad for coming up on 3 years.

In other news, I did some organizing of my subversion repository last night. I think I'm caught in some endless battle of file organization between the "one folder with lots of files and rely on search tools to find things" method and the "lots of specific folders" method. I'm back in the "have more folders" camp. For whatever that's worth. It's super nice that subversion keeps file history through renames and moves. I'm too nerotic for anything else.

Anyway, I got up a bit late, and I have a bunch of little things I want to do before work today.

Onward and Upward!