I was completely and totally un-caffinated today. It was tragic, I'm sort of still a zombie.

I need to start looking for a new job, it also needs to be a little cooler outside, because it's sort of depressing when going between the door and the car makes you a little heat sick. Current job leaves little emotional energy to get applications together...

My car is repaired. Apparently the positive battery connector was "bad," which meant that I spent a day waiting for jump-starts when I wanted to go anywhere. Which sucked. New (to me) cars should work, damn it. Thank god it was so minor, but still.

My sweater (body) is done, and I have to say that I rather like the set in sleeve approach. I need to do it again, to cement it and what not, but I'm calling it a success. I have about half of the collar left to go, and then a collar hem, and then sleeves. But but my queue for sleeves is somewhat long so we'll avoid talking about that overly much.

In writing related news, I wrote 73 words on the final remaining part of this season of station keeping, which given that this part is pretty short, is probably a good start. Also, I did some more pricing and math in my head with regards to the Editorial Project (I wanted to figure out a way to produce a semi-regular SF anthology using POD technology and what not, and it doesn't look like is going to be viable in the way that I thought it would be; I'm still going to do it, but I'm going to do it differently.)

Anyway, I hope you're well, and we'll be in touch, I promise!