Today's interview is with Angie Marshall. I think introductions here are pretty much uncalled for, so here we go:

  • Who are you? What do you?

    Angie Marshall, Legal Assistant is my paying job, but I am a Farm wife, mother of 3, a knitter, a former quilter and a half-assed gardener. I have multiple knitting projects OTN currently, but most consistently, I knit socks.

  • Merino or Blue Faced Leicester?

    Either is awesome, but I will admit a fondness for Merino.

  • Lets talk about technology: What kind of technology do you use, and what's the coolest thing that technology enables for you? What about your technology do you find frustrating?

    I use a palm centro for a phone, but alas, no interwebs connection from that. I like that it keeps my names/addresses/calendar at hand, but I am frustrated that i can't create I have an iPod touch that 98% of the time I use to listen to inspirational speeches or podcasts or audio books. I have music on it, but... meh. I have Scrabble and Soduko applications on it and I love them. This iPod frustrates me because I cheaped out on it and didn't get a big enough one so I am constantly juggling what gets put on it. I love my laptop, but wished the battery held more charge.

  • Favorite book you've read in the last year? Runners up?

    Hanging my head in shame... the Twilight series. I listen to audiobooks mostly, but I did read those in real book form. I read for entertainment.

  • Favorite Websites?

    Ravelry and Facebook.

  • What do you think was the most important event of the last 15 years?

    The election of our current President.

  • What do you think will be of the next 10?

    I look forward to our scientific minds developing a fuel source that doesn't depend on foreign oil. I hope that we take the lessons learned from this last war and we return to a self-sufficiency mindset so that we never again make the mistake of sending our troups to war over oil. >

  • One thing that you're most looking forward to in the next year?

    Getting better control of my life, cutting back to a 4 day work week (affirming, affirming), vacation, knitting camp, fresh asparagas morel mushrooms

  • One thing that you wish you could learn?

    Spanish, there is such a need for spanish speakers in all areas of employment. My French from long ago High School, just isn't much help.

  • Cats vs. Dogs?

    Cats in the house, Dogs outside. Nothing like a warm cat "spot" (or 2 or 4) on a cold morning or a sick day.

  • Where can we find more about you/your projects?

    Knit4Angine; The Grumpy Farmer but I don't post much; perhaps this interview will goad me into posting a little more often.