• Who are you? What do you?

    I'm a 19 year old Perl hacker slash college student. I'm a Computer Science major at SUNYIT in Utica. To be truthful, I'm not a very good student; I spent my study hours teaching myself Perl and UNIX.

    As for my personal life, I live one boat ride away from Manhattan, so when I do have time home it's pretty hectic. Being upstate for college is so ... quaint, compared to living in the big city.

    I'm not really working on any large projects, but I am in the midst of working on a very lightweight an elegant blog software; the goal is to have one page (index.pl), one RSS feed (feed.rss) and one template file (template.html), and combine them all into a fully-functional blog. Then hopefully after that project is done I'll have the time to run my Sysadmin blog -- I plan on publicising a lot of the random hacks I make at work. For example, I just spent the last two days working on a daemon that uses Net::DBus to automatically log a user out when a preset idle time is reached.

  • Smaller Computers, More Powerful Computers, or Cheaper Computers?

    Smaller, generally. I like saving money, and I love netbooks. As I always say, the speed of the computer is up to the knowledge of the user installing the software on it. My EeePC 901 running Debian GNU/Linux runs as fast as most "modern" computers running Windows Vista.

  • Lets talk about technology: What kind of technology do you use, and what's the coolest thing that technology enables for you? What about your technology do you find frustrating?

    I love the freedom of expression technology brings. Being universal, it's hard to apply country-wide laws to internet use which opens up a whole new realm of free speech for those who previously haven't had it. But PERSONALLY, I just enjoy tinkering, learning and achieving goals. Nothing feels as good as finally finishing that program you've been working on for the last week.

    What I find frustrating is the amount of outdated documentation you run into. The reason I spent so long on my Net::DBus script is because the docs I was using were outdated. Thankfully buu on #perl pointed me to Net::DBus::Dumper, and I figured everything out myself.

  • Favorite Linux/UNIX Command (whatever, as long as it fits on one line.)?

    vi, of course :]

    Or if you mean a singular shell command, it's probably between perl, sed and awk. Those three programs have saved me countless hours of file editing.

  • The single scariest thing about the future?

    Google SkyNet(tm)

  • Favorite Website?

    Hmm ... Considering I don't browse the web too much, I'd have to go with http://latfh.com/. The laughs never stop coming.

  • What do you think is going to be the most important event of the next 10 years?

    This one's hard to say. I think it can be one of three things;

    1. The development of high-functioning AI
    2. Using computers to replace non-functioning human senses (eyesight, smell, etc)
    3. Apple publicly announcing that their computers are overpriced
  • One thing that you wish you could learn?

    French. For some reason I can't seem to wrap my brain around spoken language.

  • Emacs vs. Vi

    vi, of course :]

    I mean, don't get me wrong; Emacs is a great operating system, but it's lacking a good text editor.

  • Where can we find more about you/your projects?

    Currently I don't have a site setup, but when I do it will be at any of these locations:

    Or you can just follow me on [Identica, @pobega](http://www.identi.ca/pobega/)