New information about the ipod is just coming out from apple. While I'm (clearly) not going to get one, and I'm sort of passe about the whole deal I want to talk about the plans/possibilities of this device. First, the relevant press release from apple.

Basically, 60 bucks for 450 minutes (5000 rather than unlimited off peak mins) and 200 text messages, 80 bucks for twice as many peak minutes and unlimited night times.

For unlimited data that you'd presumably be able to share with your laptop via bluetooth that's not a bad idea. I wonder a few things: why would people use SMS if you have email included for free? Also, why are they hoping to make on the 5000 vs. unlimited weekend minutes.

I think I'm firmly in the "wait for rev 2," which will presumably have faster internet. But frankly if they make an ipod tablet (ie. iphone without the phone,) I'm so there...