I did a computer restart a few days ago [1], and never reopened NetNewsWire. This means that I haven't been reading blogs for a few days: pathetically, this doesn't mean that I'm any more behind than I typically am, alas. As a consequence I don't have as many funny things to post for you.

Having said that, to restart, I wanted to be able to close bunches of tabs and have a record of where I was. I think I was offline at the time of the restart. So I made a text file and copy and pasted the urls. Given that I have nothing else to post, here it is. After all, tychoish is my notebook. Right?


LaTeX/Geek Things:

Podcast Culture/Geek:


[1]It's funny that this is such a noteworthy sort of event. I routinely stay up for 3-4 weeks, sometimes more I think.