Ok, that was a cheesy title, but I've recently realized taht I don't do a lot of actual reading in a web-browser these days. I mean sure I open browser windows all the time, but I so rarely find that I do a lot of my heavy lifting-reading in a browser, and--gasp--I don't keep very many tabs open. The feed reader takes care of most of that, and I have offline apps that deal with most of my most important tasks. For example: I post to this weblog (and others) using MarsEdit, I maintain my del.icio.us account using Cocoalicious, and of course I read weblogs and other feeds using NetNewsWire, and I check all of my email using Mail.app.

While the whole Web2.0 movement supposedly pushes us to "live in our browsers," and while for folks who don't have laptops as their primary computers but use multiple machines, this makes a certain measure of sense. But I don't fall into that category, and I have to say that, for the most part, I would much rather use a handful of neat apps, and be able to avoid using a web-browser for as much as I can.

So I should say at this point that I use Firefox 2.0, because it's good software, and rather like it. But I've started to realize that I don't really need the power it offers, and given the amount of work I'm doing in Cocoa apps, a browser that played nice with OS X would be nice. For those of you who don't know, Firefox doesn't interact with the OS X service menu and that's... less than desireable. Also, given that I'm not using much of what firefox can offer, I've started to think that perhaps a different browser would be more advantageous. Camino looks like the obvious choice, but Safari, is probably comparable and both of these options are fast.

Do people have opinions on WebKit versus Gecko? The firefox features that I like the most are: crash recovery and the FoxyProxy extension, so if someone has an any suggestion on how to replicate this functionality, that would be awesome...

That is all.

Also, if I don't get the GTD article done tomorrow night, we might have to wait till next week, because this weekend is jamming.

Best, tycho(ish)