Hi folks. I'm in the thick of the semester and the general craziness. It's not bad--I kind of like it--but it is stressful.

Anyway, I just have a quick note and a question for you, gentle readers.

1. Does anyone know of a good open source XML-RPC weblog editor. I live and die by the one I currently use, but I'd like something with better support for LiveJournal and del.icio.us and what not. I just want something with a slightly faster development cycle. I'd also rather enjoy something that was a little more mac-y. By Mac-y I mean integrated and fast, I guess.

2. As some of you know I'm a big fan of NetNewsWire. This is an RSS/Atom feed reader that is incredibly wonderful and very useful. I heard the other day, that NNW leads the RSS reader market share by a large margin. This is impressive because NNW is a Mac-only application. Having said that, there are a couple of things that I constantly yearn for. First of all, I'd like it to download images refrenced in feeds for the last X number of entries, for better offline performance. I'd also, like a better ability to password authenticate for feeds.

So I came across a new feed reading application which addresses the second problem, and is generally a cooler looking application. And the new application is open-source, which I've become a big fan of. The other thing about NNW is that it has an incredibly slow development cycle. I'd like it to be a little faster to add features like delicious posting (which it has, but it could do better in this respect), or exporting of marked entries, or similar things. Or, here's something. You can't subscribe to an RSS feed from NNWs built in browser! So the other reader, Vienna, handles all my concerns, but isn't as fast (and I'd have to run a perl scrip to import all my data from NNW, and I'm so not that hard cor) Otherwise I'm so there.... If I were going to start using a feed reader for the first time today, I would probably choose Vienna. If you aren't as attached, I'd totally check it out.

Cheers, ty