Deep Breath.

I have news for you all which I hope will explain my absence for the past 10 or 15 days. Actually I'm surprised that it's only been 10 or 15 days, as it feels so much longer. Anyway, enough suspense:

I've accepted a position with Linode to work on (primarily) a really cool technical writing project. You can see the announcement here.

This is really awesome because:

  • It's a job. Writing. About Linux, and Web Servers, and Free Software/Open Source.
  • Linode rocks. I applied for the job somewhat before I bought a linode, and I've been nothing but pleased with the service which has worked flawlessly for me so far. The best part, is I think that Linode's approach to technology, to using and developing technology, really fits in with the kinds of values and approaches that I hold.
  • Did I mention it's a writing job where I get to work with Linux and free software?
  • It puts me on the east coast, near Philadelphia, where the largest concentration of my non-College friends are located, which has me unbelievably excited. I'll be able to gossip and dance with M.N. more than once a year; I'll be able to hang out and with my emergency-backup-big-sister (H.C.) more often; it'll be feasible to hang out with Chris you know ever and more. I'm so psyched.
  • Did I mention it's a writing job where I get to work with Linux and free software?

The astute among you will thus, notice that:

  • New job elsewhere means relocation. Which means.
  • I've been busy doing all of the relocation things: packing, doing this and that's, more packing, getting paperwork in order, even more packing, and so forth that I've not been really good at keeping on top of the blog. I have a couple of entries stashed, but my rhythm is all off kilter.
  • The job announcement has my real name in it. I have an abandoned a post or two about the whole tycho/sam thing. I should perhaps restart it. I think what I really need is this highly mythologized about page that talks about tycho and sam in different voices.

The truth is, that while I don't think my reasons for using "tycho garen" these days is the same as it was 2.5 or 3 years ago, but I really like what I've done with the whole tycho thing, and I can't really imagine not using it.

  • In a lot of ways, I think, writing this blog for so long is a lot of the reason why I was able to get this job, both because through the experience of writing about technology for the blog gave me the confidence/knowledge/skills that make this tech-writing thing I do possible, and also the blog I think served to demonstrate that I was for real.

This is related to another train of thought that I hope to follow up on in the next few months somewhere, but it strikes me that this, if anything is a marker of success that we're not particularly prone to attending too. We notice successful blogs that get millions of visits a month and can support their authors on advertising revenue and invited speaking engagements. I think that I've achieved some kind of success here, and there are other kinds of success to be had. I want to think about what this means. But first I want to sit with this.

I'll be in touch, and I look forward to continuing this blog in this "next part" of my journey.