JT Leroy's Blog

Wow. Some background. JT Leory's story is very similar to another you may be familair with: that of Anthony Godby Johnson. The Wikipedia articles above should give you the background. Basically LeRoy/Johnson were/are potentially fictitious authors who 'live' very secluded lives, and tell stories about their tortured childhoods. This is in effect the modern literary hoax, and I couldn't be more interested.

I think JT LeRoy is much less cut and dry than AGJ, in AGJ's case, there were certain legal and medical records which didn't exist, which should have been part of the public record, possibly of course, and the complete dirth of cases, lead to a fairly logical situation. JT, on the other hand. shrug

I'm fascinated by this, and aperantly, my source(s) tell me there's an upsurge in chatter about LeRoy. I think the connotations of identity here are huge. I keep saying that 'how others see you' is potentially as much about "who you are" as, how you see yourself; and this sure throws a wrench in it.

Thoughts? Questions? I recognize this is a pretty week post, and relies heavily on the wikipedia accounts (which are by my reading dead on; the LeRoy one, leans a bit in LeRoy's direction, but no matter.)

I had heretofore been completely oblivious to it's existence, and while I don't actually want to read the blog, its existence is most interesting...