Love it is an awful thing and beauty is a blossom, and if you want your finger bit, just poke it at a possum.

Glory to the meetinghouse, and glory to the stable, and glory to the little girl, the one that they call Mabel.

The above are lines from a Old Time-ish song/tune that I'm generally fond of. If you were wondering, but you probably won't.

Just for the purpose of meta-talk, I'd like to note for the record that I always write blog entries in an MS Word document, and then copy and paste them into the blog script. This is because I fear for posts that don't have the benefit of my spell check, and because I like to write blog entries in a few sessions. Perhaps this is part of the reason why I don't write that much: because I add another step. One of these days I'm going to be really daring and post without doing the word file step.

For those of you who are worrying about the progress of the stalled redesign, I've got a file which should help a lot from a dear friend, actually I don't think he's a dear friend, but he's a swell guy (Matt). Soon, I promise.

Because this ended up as a really long post, which is really more of archival interest and because of the new bloging program that I'm using, I'm going to use an extended entry text cut thing. Anyway if you click on the (more) link that should follow this paragraph (or go to the permalink) then you'll be able to read the rest of this post, which talks about computers and gear lust/purchasing plans, my housing situation for next semester, and knitting updates.)

In a dorky kind of way here's what I'm thinking about technology at the moment. Anna (my ibook, as in Anna Madrigal), needs more ram which I'll probably order sooner rather than later which is totally ok, because I've been procrastinating it too long, and Anna deserves it. Also, I'm planning to get some external storage, because my fast growing Music collection is stretching the ends of my hard drive, and there's a bunch of stuff that I really don't need to carry around with me day in and day out. Given my rooming situation next semester (which I'll get to in a moment,) I'll probably buy myself a wireless access point as a Christmas gift (ie have it shipped to home, rather than Beloit). After that, I might get a wireless keyboard if I see a really good deal one, and I think I'm going to bring my old monitor to Beloit next year (which doesn't really relate, except I thought of that and I knew/know that there's something else I wanted to talk about in this section, but that wasn't it.) Oh, right. iPod, I've been using a borrowed iPod for the past couple of months, and I really really like it, so I think I'm going to have to have one at some point. Maybe that's what I ask people for Christmas. Hmm. (that was my mother's idea, and to be truthful it’s a wonderful gift idea, because it's something I'd totally never buy for myself, but it's an amenity and I feel terribly guilty and non-practical asking for that.) On a connected but dissimilar point, I think I'm going to need to reclaim my speakers from my father at semester.

Anyway, that housing situation.

So I'm going to move next semester pending my acceptance (which I think at this point is fairly certain) at the Women's Centre (official spelling of both words is different, but no matter). It'll mean I have a roommate, which I've totally made peace with given that said double might be three times as big as my current room (a single). It'll be cool. There was a meeting today, where the most senior house member, was like "we were thinking of changing the name of the club to be more inclusive, and we think that having guys in the house might add a useful new dimension to the club," and we were like, "we agree with the second part, but it's totally cool to keep the name as it is." My first brilliant idea for a WC meeting will be titled. "Feminism is about Change, the WC is about Feminism. Come to the WC to talk about change." I had communication with a professor whose class I really want to take, and he didn't tell me he'd let me in, and I really want to take that class. Eek I really hope I get into the class. I'll know after thanksgiving, maybe earlier.

I ran out of yarn on the sweater I've been knitting. Luckily the dye lots are really too close for words (more so than usual,) and there's a really good chance that I'll over dye it in the end anyway. It's really awesome, and I'm so close to finishing. In the interim I'm knitting on the endless shawl. There's another sweater that I'm going to start knitting. I ribbed pullover, using some hemp wool. It's probably a longer project, maybe something like... two or three weeks.

In addition to that, I have two sweaters worth of yarn in my stash. I have a lot of tapestry yarn that I'm going to make into a very simple (oversized) zippered cardigan/coat with a couple of cables. I had planned to make a garter stitch coat with it, but I've decided that I really hate garter stitch, enough to not want to do that project. The other yarn is destined to be a garter stitch cabled pullover of my own design. I started to do a swatch, but I didn't like it, so I'm going to try again, a little closer to when I'm going to make it.

Sometime fairly soon, I'm going to buy wool to do an awesome color work cardigan/jacket, which I'll do after I do the other two projects mentioned above. There's also 19 pounds of yarn with my name on it, which will probably turn into a sweater or 15. Some of it will go into my weaving class (more in a moment) and some of it will turn into sweaters. Then I'll get to do St. Moritz maybe.

Weaving class. I'm going to take a weaving class next semester, which I think will be a lot of fun, in part because it's weaving, and in part because there are going to be a bunch of other awesome people in the class. I learned today that we have to buy some of our own yarn, but I don't see this as a really big problem, because I already have a lot of skills in getting cool yarn for not much, and because I have a lot of yarn, including thousands of yards of cotton lace yarn that I'd really like to use in some way that isn't lace knitting. Also because I have stores and skills of yarn obtaining, I might be deal yarn and be able to reinvest. Muwahahaha.

Ok, so that's the short and (mostly) long of it. I hope to be able to check in more in the coming days/weeks. There are some developments in the realm of WWOTB, which I'd like to document in an open forum, but I think that needs more a serious and dedicated post, so I'll wait on that for later in the week.