It was my intention today to work on further invoking good karma to collect upon myself to the end of summoning good news from graduate school. Oh, by the way...

Days on the Waitlist: 17

...anyway, so in this direction, I finally pulled the plug on TealArt. Which was waiting to happen, and I think it's good that I just got it done with and I'm on to doing things that I think are going to be really productive in my life. Though its sad to let it go, tychoish is where it's at for me, and to be cliched: taking irons off the fire is a good thing right now.

Another part of list of "things I'm changing," is I'm going to re-title this blog to be less journalish and more blogish, and hopefully begin to start (continue?) to push my posts in that direction. If someone has a good pithy blog title, I'd love to hear it. I have to throw away a bunch of crap that I've collected, and I'm also still in search of some symbolic rite, but I'm working in the right direction.

In other news:

I wrote an entire knitting pattern for this shawl today:

I need to find out who took that picture, though, because I don't have that info on my records, it was someone who went to Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp 1 last year, someone who might be reading the blog right now. It's sort of important that I find out, because I don't have the shawl any more, and I want to use the picture in the pattern.

Anyway, the deal with this pattern, and it's going to be an experiment in pattern publication. I'm going to post, probably tomorrow, the terms/description of the licensee that I'm including at the end of the pattern tomorrow for your feedback. I'm looking for the proper middle ground between "I'm going to be stingy and try and prevent people from copying this file," (which seems to be futile anyway), and "I'm giving it all away for free." I'm also concerned that if I cripple the distribution system somehow to make it more "secure" (by only selling print copies, or limiting downloads,) that I'll prevent my best method for advertising.

So I'll get that copy to you tomorrow and you can tell me what you think.

That's about all the news I have.