A few months ago I got a Happy Hacking Keyboard because, hey, I'm a writer and a GNU/Linux guy, and I use almost entirely keyboard driven software/desktop environment a good keyboard seems like a reasonable investment..

So after a few months, what do I think? The keyboard is great. I don't miss the keys, I like having everything in reach, I like being able to have my tea close and not have to move as far for the mouse when I need it. Additionally, and you wouldn't believe how true this is, but the keys feel so nice to type on. It's nosier, the response is good (not buckling springs good, but quite nice), and I defiantly feel the difference between it and other computers (let alone laptops; I tried to type on a MacBook the other day, and it was quite nearly painful.) If anyone is looking for a new keyboard, this is defiantly one to consider, and if size is an issue, then I (probably) wouldn't consider anything else.

Keep on typing!