Ok, no new video's today, you can rest easy.

The kittens are doing well. I didn't write about this as it was happening, but the grey cat--that we've taken to calling "Merlin," had some trouble adjusting to life in our house. So we had a very harried vet visit last friday. He might have gotten a little infection and what not, but he was having some trouble staying hydrated and nourished. We think that he was probably still nursing, and was getting a lot of his liquid from that, and so with that removed it was like he didn't think to drink on his own.

So we got a syringe and was feeding/dribbling water a few times a day for a few days, and made some watered wet-food as a way of getting him to drink and eat. I think on the whole he's starting to figure it out for himself.

Finn didn't work as a name in retrospect, it was too similar to Kip, and we kept getting it mixed up, and he's not very sheepish/sheep-like. So we've moved on to calling him Merlin. It's a good name, and I think it works better.

Other than that, they're doing well, and they're very fun. We've been slowly introducing them to the other cats in the household, and the kittens are clearly not afraid. The other cats while not friendly, are starting to adjust, or run away in fear. It's quite a sight to see a 16 pound cat run away from a 9 week old kitten, but I think this is better than the big cat charging the little cat.

I should take some real pictures of the cats, but you know how good I am at taking pictures on demand. Soon, I promise. Anyway, I'll keep you all posted!