So it seems, that there might be a little interest in this knit along.

I'm going to post the first little bit of the pattern/project description in a little while. In the mean time, I have a few links to share with you.

1. I created a pattern on ravelry: Add it to your queue, "cast on" for the project. Use it for reference. If you're not on ravelry, I highly recommend joining. 2. Also on ravelry, I made a "tychoish knitting" group. Even if you don't want to do this project, I'm sure there'll be other things that this group will get used for. Here's the url: 3. I've posted a zip file with the first version of the resource files. This includes the excel file, a couple of PDFs and text and HTML versions of a rough Readme file. It's located on Lulu and you can get to it here:

Ok, that's all for now. I want to find something non-knitting related, to try and keep the site at least a little balanced. Maybe a loosing cause? I sense a post about tea coming in the near future.