Ok, I got pictures of my first sweater class and I wanted to share this picture with you even though I look a little bit odd in the picture. Also I'd like to note that I do, often wear other sweaters at the shop, I just always seem to be wearing that one when my picture is taken.

In my knitting news, I decided that the gray "turkish tile" sweater was to the underarm point, so I'm casting on for the armhole steeks in this round. Exciting. The sweater will go much faster now, because I'm setting the sleeve in so far. I'm thinking that if I stick with it the body of this sweater will be done in the next week or two, thought I think it's pretty unlikely that I will stick with it. The yoke of the sweater is knit over 114 fewer stitches than the body of the sweater. by the time I get to the shoulders there will be 108 stitches.

Speedy speedy.

Anyway. On with the day.

Onward and Upward!