I have arrived in Wisconsin, again. I think I made pretty reasonable time, there was more traffic than you'd think for a thursday, but who knows. Day after the 4th maybe?

Anyway, I listened to a lot of The Voice of Free Planet X during the drive (in addition to other stuff) and I have to say that I'm in absolute love with the podcast. I only have one more episode to listen to because I think I didn't download 25-30ish of the episodes. Addiction. It's great you should listen to. The holiday specials were particularly good. Check it out. I'm in that "fuzzy headed" space because of the drive, where you're not quite tired and not quite awake... I think I'd make a great truck driver if this academia thing craps out on me.

I also listened to Steven Eley's EscapePod rendition of Issac Asimov's "Nightfall" short story. I hadn't heard/read the story as such, (I think) but it was familiar, and it reminded me why I like SF. Great stuff, I mean not at all like what I'd write, but masterfully done and just great writing.

The knitting camaraderie was pretty darn swell. A friend said "I think I've found my peoples" tonight, and that's probably right. It was good times. Though I put a lot of time trying to get my knitting to be at the right point for the weekend, I'm starting to feel like I don't quite have the projects in the right place. I also am starting to think that I packed my knitting very oddly. I didn't bring the yarn for the stranded socks (guess I can buy some heh,) but I brought more yarn for the project that I'm currently working on that I probably won't need for months. Sigh. I also forgot to pack Mr/Sir Henry, and a cardigan that I think might have made for good show and tell. I also realized that I brought a trunk of sweaters for show and tell (and even a couple of shawls) because I had the room and I have no clue what I want to show off.

Other news. I thought about writing a lot during the drive. I wish I were better/more interested in writing short fiction.

Ok, I'm out for the day, I think. posts will come later in the day tomorrow when I have some time to reflect. Until then, keep the internet safe.