On the one hand I've taken to using my computer and my text editing software for my job. It means that I can get more done, and it's nice to use a computer where all the keys are in the right place (it's my own fault for moving them around on my keyboard.) The downside, is that the last thing I want to do when I come home is open up the editor and write. I think getting a different theme going on might help with this problem... anyway.

Work is going well. They fixed the book shelves, so I can get to the material I need to work with, and don't have to spend time sitting around trying to be creative in an attempt to find something to do, because I can't get to the stuff I need, because the shelves are stuck. That will learn you to not build bookshelves that are smarter than you.

A note to the people from knitting camp: I did infact ordered some of the yarn that Lou Ann had (and lots of color cards). I can't wait. I did leave my foulder and books at camp do'oh so it's coming book rate [1]. That lead time will hopefully allow me to get some other things done, so that I don't throw myself into a new design before I get some of my in progress projects taken care of. Currently on the needles/in the queue: 3.25 sleeves, the body of a sweater. Currently waiting to start: an armenian sweater in merino lace weight, and some sort of celtic/tukish design using the Domy Heather (a la Lou Ann). If I hunkered down the sleeves would be done pretty soon, so we'll see how this works out.

Also a knitting camp note: if folks have pictures that they want to share they totally should. I love that you all took pictures of my shawl, I'm totally relying on the group for the pictures.

I'll be in touch, and I'm going to try and blog more knitting stuff over here.

Thanks for reading.

[1]so that's one excuse as to why I haven't written any of you.