So there's this book of knitting patterns called "classic knits for real women"

I am naturally hesitant to get behind a book that's pres<>upposes some notion of "real womanhood," right? but this book has middle aged women on the cover which bodes well (white, admittedly, though it's a British publication from a pretty rurally located company). [1]

And the designs look to be simple, non-fashion designs, with a traditional edge, with good yarn, and what not: I think they're using "real" in contrast to "couture fashion model," which is a heart warming development.

On the one hand, the language kind of sucks, and on the other, I'm thinking rock on sweaters that people can wear.


[1]So it's a global world, and there's no excuse, but the company is HQ'd in Holmfirth or some such, in the north of England, So I'm prone to give them a little more leeway than I would otherwise.