I remember at times like this, why I don't often have more than one serious knitting projects: you never have the feeling that you're getting anything done, and you never feel like you're any closer to starting something new.

Now, to be fair, I never simply have one project. There's always one or two pairs of socks in my sock bag which I work on when the mood strikes me. I'd say, I probably finish 4 pairs of socks a year, give or take a few, but I don't work on them very much. I also have the grey sweater, that I've been working on for years, but it has a lot of plain knitting, and it's very fine gauge. Last summer I only knit on it at movies, and in the last school year, I probably knit, a total of like 4 inches: but I expect it of this project. But in addition to this miscellany, I have one, and only one project.

Almost always this project is a sweater, usually a 2 color sweater.

At the moment. In addition to the usual score of projects I listed above, I have 2 sweaters (ie. 3 sleeves), and extra socks in progress, and it's driving me batty. Some of the socks are for my class so I need to get those done, and the other sweaters are close, but it's hard to work on all of them because it divides your attention. While I have thrown one on the back burner for the present moment because of a somewhat intentional needle shortage, it still nags.