The yarn store opened yesterday, and I--unsurprisingly--didn't get any writing or reading done last night. Here are my thoughts from yesterday.

We failed, I think, to take pictures of the new sweater and other things. I wore another sweater, there's at least one picture that I've spotted on ravelry of the shop that I'm in. More pictures as the come.

Being in the yarn store all day encouraged some sort of perverse desire to knit plain sweaters. There are a couple of yarns that I have my eye on. Mostly I'm thinking of Cascade Venezia Worsted, a lovely silk and wool blend, and some Lorna's Laces Superwash. This is weird, because I don't really enjoy making such plain sweaters, and what's more I've sort of sworn myself to a constrained palette, as a creative/artistic experiment. No matter, there are a number of things that I have to finish before I will even think about starting a new project, and I'm thinking that it might be February before I get to that point.

The Latvian Morocco sweater deserves a new picture, and is now... 13 or 13.5 inches long. I have about 4-5 inches to go before the underarm point. Because the sleeves are going to be set in (and saddled), the rows will get a bunch shorter at that point, and it'll go faster. Also, because the saddles are going to be really wide, and I mean real wide (like 8 inches total, 4 front and back), there's not a lot to the yoke section of the sweater once I get there.

In any case, I'm taking a break from that sweater to knit a sleeve to finish a red and black plain sweater that I started in May or June. It's worsted weight Patons Classic Merino that I bought to knit a sweater on commission that never came to fruition. So I made the sweater for myself. It'll be a cozy one to wear once I finish it, but I've been dragging on the sleeves for months, and I've finished one of them, and I hope to finish it this week. I have a lot of Law and Order stored up for this purpose.

That's about it, on the knitting front. I have today off of work, and I have a bunch of writing and reading things to do, but I'll probably be in touch with some non-knitting related thoughts later in the day as I have them.