I taught the second session of my knitting class yesterday, and was generally pretty pleased with the outcome. The two people in my class seemed to get what I was teaching, and although I might have expected them to get a little further in their projects, they seemed pleased and had a handle on how their projects would continue, and if they're happy, well then, by gosh I'm happy too.

In even greater news, I agreed to teach another class in two weeks time, on toe-up socks and/or stranded/2-color socks. While I'm an avid toe-up sock knitter, I have yet to completely master the stranded-toe up sock [1]. This meant that I came home and promptly (well almost) cast on for a toe up sock. This time it came off better. My trick: I'm knitting it at the same gauge as the sweaters I make, because I realized I tend to knit those, ahem, firmly, so no need to knit foot armor.

I have to say that this stranded sock things is really kind of fun, although I'm going to need to unvent/invent a new toe, to deal with the "stranded knitting stitches are square" issue.

In other knitting news: I finished the first sleeve and the colar of the red-and-black sweater I was working on at camp, and over the last week the stranded sweater I was working on at camp has grown to be about 10 inches, but otherwise nothing exciting.

At the moment I'm focusing on getting projects done so I can start new things, like an Armenian design, or more stranded socks. I'll post pictures at some point, I swear [2].

[1]Oh, the pedagogical traditions of higher education.
[2]My fingers may have been crossed when I typed this, just to cover my ass....