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I feel bad about not updating the Knitting portion of TealArt. I feel lame. I think it's because I haven't been knitting much. I have a few projects in progress this semester, but most of my knitting work has been finishing projects I started at the end of the summer. I made hat over fall break and another last week, and I started a sweater over fall break, which I'm making measured progress on, but I haven't been producing anywhere near the level that I've produced at in the past. I also don't have the same sort of compulsion to "get things done" that I've had in recent memory. On the one hand this is good, because compulsive knitting isn't the most useful expenditure of time or psychic energy, on the second hand I haven't really taken up another activity (like, writing, web-design, reading, photography, exersize, television) to replace knitting. I do have school work which does take out some of the knitting, but I think that I'm going to blame this mostly on my involvement in student government, which I'm working on checking out of (I lost a bid to be vice president, I'm still chair of a fairly influential committee so there's a lot less that I have to do.) note to self, rectify this situation.

Next semester, I'm going to knit two sweaters, for an art special project, which I think will be really fun. This is going to surprise all of you I'm sure, but I have two concerns: the first is that I'll have a problem getting them done, but when I do the math, it should work out just fine, as long as I commit to it, and am able to get a lot done during break(s), the second, is that I'm going to have to design the sweaters myself. These should both be surprising to you. I'm worried by the first option, because we're talking about making a sweater that is, at least 300 stitches around, which is a huge amount, and the needles will be small, so it will be slow going, secondly, at least one of the designs, will have horizontal patterns, which are harder to memorize, because they don't repeat in the same way. It's just something to think about...

Oh well. Cheers, Sam

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