So I have a confession to make.

I haven't really been knitting very much.

The writing, the work, and the weekend of morris dancing has left me with not a lot of time for knitting.

Also, after a very cool spring, summer has invaded my world with a vengeance.

These are all excuses I know.

But you have to admit that it is a lot to cope with in a week.

I'm going to charge the batteries and take some pictures of the Latvian dreaming sweater, and hopefully get back into it. I know I've made promises about not knitting more than one project at the same time (particularly to avoid sleeves), but I've started to get pretty annoyed at the yarn, and you know how the knitting malaise goes. And it might be nice to knit something plain. How wierd does this sound.

At the same time, writing (not even posting it yet!) has caused me enough guilt to get my knitting out again. So that's good. I'll keep you posted.