I have knitting progress to report. In thee parts.

1. I have finished my second Pi shawl of the year. The first I completed in March for my grandmother. The second, I completed a couple of weeks ago, and while it was a shawl created without goal (or particular purpose) it is an accomplishment of some note. I have yet to block the shawl, but, as I'm not sure where it's supposed to end up, I'm in no rush. It's also supremely huge, so I'm not sure I have a good place to block it.

2. I finished my part of my contest entry for my knitting camp. Watch out the rest of you camp-3ers, it's going to be massively awesome and weird. Lots of weird.

3. This leads us to the most exciting knitting related conclusion I've had to announce in quite a while: my works in progress list is way down. I have two sweaters on the needles, a sock (no rush, plain knitting, and a cobweb shawl which I don't have particular need or inspiration to work on.) One of the sweaters just has one sleeve left to go, and the other sweater, is almost to the armholes.

This is incredibly exciting. While I would like to get both of these sweaters done by the time I go to camp (which will be a bit of a stretch, it's not a requirement. My show-and-tell is something else entirely.) I get to knit sweaters. I love knitting sweaters.

Pictures forthcoming, also the sweater with only a sleeve left to go is indeed the "Latvian Dreaming" sweater which I started designing/working on a year ago (or more). It's good to be closing in on that so I can get the instructions up on the web. While I did have a big knitting hiatus this year, and while I have been back knitting in some form for several months now, I've felt more like I've been in "production" mode, rather than "enjoyment" mode... until now.

So it's good to be back.