So I've started knitting again.


I've not been knitting very much in recent months, because I've had less time, because I've been focusing my energy on other projects: keeping my head above water, writing, dancing, singing, etc. It's a shame too, because knitting is a great deal of fun, it's pretty rewarding, and it's something that I'm incredibly good at.

I suppose at one point there were a lot of knitters who read this blog, but I suspect many of them don't so much any more. Anyway, I hope this post won't alienate everyone who reads this.

First up, for some project review:

  • I have a cabled sweater in progress that I'm working on the first sleeve at the moment. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn (but I have a plan!) and frankly cables have never really been "my thing," but this is the only thing that remains that I was working on when I left the Midwest, so there's nostalgia and I do want to finish it. The biggest problem, I think, is that unless I move north a lot, I'm not going to live in a place where I can really wear something like this.
  • I have a sweater in jumper-weight Shetland (i.e. fingering weight) wool that I'm knitting for a friend. I have the collar and the sleeves to do, but it's very plain and a very straightforward knit. I just need to do it. This is probably the next thing on my list. It's been on hiatus since May.
  • I'm making socks. As I write this, I have just completed a pair of socks that I started in May. They're simple, and plain (which is how my socks tend to be) using Dyebolical Yarn. I also got to use a set of Blackthron Needles that my mother got for my birthday. Both are quite wonderful. I think I've discovered how much knitting can be done on a commute, and I do expect to do a lot more commute knitting, but I need to find a way to balance knitting with writing and reading on the train. Perhaps some sort of morning/night split.

Aside from finishing the socks and immediately casting another pair, I've been doing a lot of "yarn stash" reorganization and trimming. This last week or so I've gotten inspired to reevaluate all of the stuff that I have to see what I really need in my life and what I'm just keeping because it's there. I've been through my clothing, the book collection, and the yarn.

Although I've done "stash culls" before I felt like my collection of yarn had a lot of stuff in it that I got without any intention of a project, or for any reason other than "I might like to make something with it some day." I've never really been a knitter when I've had a real budget for hobbies and entertainment, nor have I ever knitted at such a moderate pace. So I made the decision to not keep yarn around just for insulation, and just get the yarn that I really want to knit with rather than what I feel like I ought to knit with because it's in the bin. It's been quite liberating.

I'm also, as I sit knitting, thinking about the overlap between what I do professionally (documenting technical solutions and systems administration practices) and pattern writing for knitters.

There's a lot of overlap in how I write and think about both, enough to inspire me to think about doing more knitting related writing. *As if I didn't have enough projects already.

In any case, I don't know that I'll blog regularly about knitting as I continue to knit more, but it might come up from time to time. You have been warned.

Onward and Upward!