... and planning

I did a little bit of holiday knitting shopping. Given how infrequently I buy yarn and knitting things and the fact that shopping for knitting things correlates strongly with my project planning, it seems worth sharing:

  • I got a cone of merino/tencel lace weight yarn in a steel blue color to knit a long plain tube to wear as a neck tube/scarf thing. I bought one of these a few months ago knit out of a jersey tencel knit, and I adore it, so it makes sense to knit something similar.

    Hopefully knitting these scarves will prove successful and useful. I'm not much of a knitted sock wearer, I find most flat scarves dreadful to knit, I find shawls difficult to pull off, and I enjoy knitted hats but don't find them windproof enough for common use. Having good, small, lightweight, and plain knitting projects would probably be very good thing indeed.

  • I bought a couple of carbon fiber knitting needles, in sizes 2.5 (the size that my sweaters have been and will be for a little while,) and 0s (for the scarfs and hem facings as needed.)

    I'm a chronic needle bender and like sharp points and reasonably slippery needles. I also have a set of carbon fiber needles for socks which are great. Very much looking forward to trying these out.

  • Finally, I've procured a few cones of HD Shetland to complement some of my left overs. On the sweater queue:

    • a few cardigans. One for my mother, and a second one for me?
    • maybe something with shoulders/sleeves in a different color? I've used this kind of shading on otherwise plain sweaters, but it seems interesting to see how it might look on a two color sweater.