I've hinted in the last couple of weeks that I've been knitting more. While usually the summer heat doesn't deter me from knitting very much, between the extra-time writing, working a lot, and the heat I hadn't knit much since the spring. While I've certainly been more obsessed with knitting in the past, I think I'm back.

Though I stopped/slowed my knitting progress for several months, I still had unfinished projects and stash/project plans. So maybe it wasn't so much that I stopped knitting as it was that the bottom fell out of my productivity. In any case,as I return, my primary project has/is to finish all of my outstanding projects. They are:

1. The gray sweater. I figure I started it in late 2005, and have been working on it sporadically since then. It's fingering weight, and I'm knitting it with US 1 needles. It's slow going, and mostly stocking stitch, though there are some cable accents, including a cable running from the collar to the cuff (via shoulder strap.) I'm done with everything except the sleeves and I'm making progress on the first sleeve. I expect to finish this in the next month-six weeks. 2. In preparation for knitting camp I started knitting a sweater. I had planned for it to be an EPS system yoke sweater, and that it would be something that I could knit at camp. Turns out that I knit other things while I was at camp, and after camp I was largely uninterested in knitting a yoke style sweater. So I ripped out a couple of inches of yoke and started knitting a sweater with shaped armholes. I've finished the body, but I need to knit the collar. Also the sleeves, and I'm totally undecided about how to shape the upper sleeve. I don't really like capped sleeves, but I think I need to do something, so we'll see. 3. The Latvian Dreaming sweater, which I'm almost to the shoulders, which I don't have a plan for. I'm waiting in part till I'm done with plain yoke sweater before I figure out what I'm doing on this sweater.

(And, cough two shawls, but they don't count.)

What are you working on?