Two pieces of knitting news:

1. I've started knitting seriously on the cabled sweater I'm making. I (for various reasons) have one ball of yarn (for it) to last me the next month, which will--I hope--force me to work on other projects as well. It's going well, after a few mishaps, that I've corrected for, and while I think my heart is still in color work I do quite enjoy this sweater.

2. I'm knitting a blue shawl. A second blue shawl. A few years ago, I knit a rather massive blue shawl, and now I'm making another. I'm nearly half done, but not quite. It's progressing slowly, as these things do, but not nearly as slowly as I might have predicted. It should be done for the summer so I can knit sweaters all summer.

It's a very odd knitting life I lead.