I still don't know anything about graduate school.

I still need to find more regular employment.

I still need to do more work on tealart, and write in a more focused way.

But, I got into *`Knitting Camp <http://www.schoolhousepress.com/>`_* this year. And not only that, I got into camp 3. Which is super cool, because not only is my Camp Roomate/Buddy going to be there (obviously,) knitting mentor R, and others that I'm looking forward to meeting. There are, by my count going to be 4 men-folk at this camp (counting myself), which seems pretty cool.

I am, of course, quite excited.

Also, happy leap day. Lets ignore the fact that just yesterday, in a moment of brain-hiccup, I said, "good thing it's not a leap year, because it's '06."