I don't know about this. But here it goes, anyway.

I'm pleased to announce the complete publication of my novella "`Knowing Mars <http://tychogaren.com/mars/>`_" on `tychogaren.com <http://tychogaren.com/>`_.

"Knowing Mars" is an important story for me. I wrote it after I graduated from college, after I didn't go to graduate school the first time, and in a lot of ways it was the project that got me started down the path of being a "real writer," post-graduation. I'd written fiction before college, and mostly avoided writing fiction in college, and then right as I was finishing college I started writing stories again. It was strange for a while, but it was delightful to be able to tell stories and be so much better at it than I was the first time.

I find that this is fundamentally a recurring issue. When I started writing "Knowing Mars," I felt like I was starting out light years ahead of what I had written four or five years before. Now, I feel like the stuff I'm working on now is light years ahead of "Knowing Mars." This is probably an encouraging sign.

I suppose you'd like to know a bit more about the story. I'll leave most of the details to the reading, but basically it's a sort of superhero/cyberpunk story that explores themes related to diaspora, political organization, historical narrative, and gender. I don't know if I've ever described it as such before.

The story is available in multiple formats. Each chapter is available in full HTML as part of tychogaren.com and in a plan Markdown formatted plain text. Furthermore the complete text of the novella is available in both of these formats, and a simple un-styled HTML version that should be ideal for conversion to various electronic reading platforms. If you want to read the novella but would find another format easier to process, talk to me about it and I'll get something pulled together for you.

All "full html" versions of the text have comments enabled using the same system as the blog. I look forward to your comments. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more fiction.

Onward and Upward!