My drive today was pretty darn uneventful. I listened to a lot of MacBreak Weekly (so excuse the very mac centric post that follows) and I actually think I'm caught up. My little car is amazing and peppy, despite its diminutive size, and while I am quite tired as a result of this drive, these things happen. And actually, beginning to want to think about bed by 9 pm, or thereabouts, is probably a good place to be given my desire to sort of readjust my sleep schedule.

My grandmother is doing pretty well. We had a good (early) dinner that I picked up on my way in, and sat around this evening. It'll be good to be here for a few days, and we'll see.

Before I left today, my mother got her new iMac a bit earlier than she expected. Today. On a national holiday. I ask you, isn't apple just amazing? I thought so. So I spent some time migrating all of her stuff from the old ibook to the new machine. But only really an hour. Aren't Macs just amazing.

This leaves me feeling incredibly jealous, I must admit. I'm going to begin shifting all of our older computers to leopard as soon as she says the transition is complete. Well maybe all of them. I don't know. I really want a new computer though. My resolution to wait continues, though it wears.

My current apple prediction is that there'll be all new MacBook pros in June, and maybe new mac book consumer laptops (do we call them MacBook cons?) in August. I think the MacBook Air closes hope of a 12 inch laptop anytime in the near future. (TheBoy and many others are likely quite upset with this, news, and sort of so am I, but I frankly can't see it happening.)

Given where I am now, I'm almost certainly looking at the macbook "con". I can't, frankly, think of a situation where it wouldn't be sufficient, the screen is big enough, and the Macbook Pros aren't that much better in comparison. The thing about apple laptops is that, depending on when you buy a laptop the difference between the pro and the "con" is pretty variable. At some points in the cycle, the only difference other than the screen between the one and the other is a graphics card, and 200 megahertz (for a thousand dollars or more), and other times in the cycle the pro computers have higher pixel density or other screen differences, considerably faster drives, and nice really beefy graphics cards. The later was the case when I got Zoe. It's not the case now.

On the one hand there's no good reason that I couldn't wait until August to upgrade, and I'm--awkwardly, on all fronts--at a point in my life where a "play each day by ear" attitude seems to be the most indicated approach to living. Maybe in celebration I'll upgrade after I get an acceptance letter to one of my top schools (along with a long awaited road trip to visit friends, I think), maybe I'll hold out until June and see what get announced then. Maybe I'll go until August, because why the hell not?

Sigh. I do know that I'm going to be getting a spinning wheel sometime in the next 6-8 weeks or so, I think. I've sold a wheel that I've had for a long time, and been pretty incapable of ever using. This means that I only own one spinning wheel, and I have a few leads there. It'll be nice to have one wheel that I can use consistently for a long time. Boy oh boy. I think spinning was something that I was looking forward to doing this week before the trip became an issue, but that's ok, there are plenty of things that need attention anyway.

Speaking of which, I'm going to go attend. Sleep well and have a good week, I will continue to be in touch.

tycho out!