Dear loyal reader(s),

As you've probably noticed although I wrote earlier today of TealArt as a magazine, the truth is that it is a perverse sort of magazine. The other character of TealArt is that it's basically epistolary. This isn't really a problem, but has produced a somewhat (un)interesting question in my mind of late...

How should I sign letters.

For some now unknown reason, for many years I signed my letters, emails, and blog post with "cheers," which was somewhat quirky, for someone of my age and location, and I came to like it.

Then, recently, as in the last couple of months. I've begun signing my emails "best." The origins of this is equally unknown, but I musts say that I don't like it very much. Best what? I've always assumed that the answer is "wishes," but I think it's kind of dumb.

The sad thing is that it's kind of automatic by this point.

What are you signing your emails with? What do yo prefer?